Cristal Aisha


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Hello friends! Nice to meet you! Some of you may remember me from my fashion blog "Bisou" a little bit back when I was inspired by French culture and fashion and everything tre chic ;). Those were amazing times where I fortunate to be on Vogue Paris, featured for my Lanvin x H&M posts and where I got to travel all through Europe! 

Blogging has always been a wonderful creative outlet for me and since fashion is a passion of mine, there's nothing like combining the two together. For me, it all started way before or WordPress however. Rewind to Spring of 2007...I was studying abroad in London, interning for Charles, Prince of Wales's non-profit organization as a marketing coordinator (how cool huh?). I would journal in a notebook every now and then, jotting notes for my internship and then documenting my London days. That summer, I journaled my way across Europe and no matter where I went, people would comment on my fashion or my outfits. Eventually, I merged the two and took journaling online to my first Tumblr blog in 2009.

I'm inspired by the French fashion scene still of course. But I'm also inspired by my travels, tropical locales, the beauty of the desert where I live and people around me. There's something magical about sharing that in writing to my readers and maybe inspiring someone else in the process :)

xoxo - Cristal